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7 Archangels Spiritual Water 16 oz.

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  • The Archangels want to help you in all areas of your life to feel more at peace, loving and joyful. Using these spiritual water will help you keep your energy clear and it is a great reminder to connect and ask the Archangels for assistance on a regular basis.
7 Archangels:
  • Michael: Michael’s role is to bring protection to us.
  • Raphael: Raphael is responsible for healing physical and mental ailments.
  • Gabriel: Gabriel is known as the angel of communication.
  • Jophiel: Jophiel is responsible for guiding you to see the beauty in all things by redirecting your perception back to love.
  • Ariel: Ariel is responsible for protecting the Earth and its resources and inhabitants.
  • Azrael: Azrael helps the diseased transition into the spirit realm.
  • Chamuel: Chamuel is responsible for bringing peace to the world.
  • Spritz above your head to cleanse your aura.
  • Spray in a room or car to clear the energy and/or create a sacred space.
  • Spray on your hands and inhale through your nose.
  • Spray on your pillow to help you sleep well.
  • Take to work and clear your work space and invite the angels to work with you.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. SOLD AS A CURIO. we can not guarantee the outcome of your use with this item.

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