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Bay Dried Whole Leaves - 2 oz.

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  • Bay Dried Whole Leaves - 2 ounces - Hojas de laurel secas.

  • Spiritual benefits: protection, success, psychic powers, healing, purification, strength.

  • Ways to use: Ritaul bath, dress candles, make herbal tea, use as an offering, use for cleansing, create a mojo bag, create intention jar, sacred rituals, create tinctures.

  • Protection and cleansing with bay leaves: Burning bay leaf will cleanse and drive out any negative, harmful, or unwanted energies and feelings from yourself, your space and other people. Bay leaf is a great addition to sage during a sacred space cleansing and will assist in the purification, protection and clearing of the space.

  • Manifest and Prosperity: Take a bay leaf and write your wishes and desires directly on the leaf. While holding the bay leaf, begin to channel your wants, intentions and wishes into the leaf. Take as much time as you need to focus your energy, feelings and visualizations into the leaf. Feel and visualize receiving what you are asking for and be open to receive it.

  • Dreams and psychic development: Sleeping with bay leaf under your pillow has many benefits to psychic development and dream recall. The bay leaf will help heighten your psychic senses.

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  • Product From Turkey - Packaged in the U.S.A.

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