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Cinquefoil Herb ( Five Fingers Grass ) 1 oz.

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  • Cinquefoil Herb - 1 oz. ( 28g) - Resealable Bag.

  • Cinquefoil is a widely distributed herbaceous plant of the rose family, with compound leaves of five leaflets and five-petaled yellow flowers.

  • The five points of the leaves represent love, money, health, power and wisdom.

  • Also Known as: Five Fingers, Synkefoyle, Five-Finger Blossom, Sunkfield. Potentilla Canadensis, European five finger grass, Finger grass, Five finger grass finger leaf.

  • Cinquefoil was a popular ingredient in magical potions during the Middle Ages, and thought to be especially powerful as a love potion. Fishermen used it in their nets to ensure a good harvest from the sea.

  • Alleged spell to remove a curse: boil one tablespoonful of Cinquefoil herb in one quart of water for five minutes. Strain and pour into a bottle. Use one tablespoonful to one tubful of bath water when bathing. Use this for nine consecutive nights before going to bed. It is believed the curse will be washed away.

  • Suggested preparation and dosage as a tea: Two soup spoons of the herb are soaked in 500 ml of boiled water for 10 minutes. Filter the liquid. Drink 120 ml three times a day before meals.
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