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High John The Conqueror Collection

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  • High John Collection includes: 1 High John Incense Powder 50 grams. - 1 High John Root 0.5 oz. - 1 High John Oil 0.5oz.

  • High John Incense Powder: Self igniting High John Powder Incense is a powerful aid within your magical crafts, with a smoke useful for spells of good luck, protection, and prosperity. Suggested use as incense: Simply make a little "pyramid" in a heat safe dish and light the top. The powder will slowly burn and provide you with a grounding and calming aroma throughout your home.

  • High John Root: It is believed that if one wraps a dollar bill around a piece of High John and carries it in his purse or pocket, it will attract money to the carrier thereof.

  • High John Oil: High John The Conqueror Oil is a magical oil which can be used to gain strength and confidence. This versatile oil is excellent in helping with legal matters. Additionally it can be used for good luck in gambling. Good for baths and weekly candle to gain control over obstacles. Resilience!

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