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Lodestone Incense Powder - 50 grams

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  • Lodestone Incense Powder - 50 grams.

  • Suggested use as incense: Simply make a little "pyramid" in a heat safe dish and light the top. The powder will slowly burn and provide you with a grounding and calming Lavender aroma throughout your home.

  • Prosperity and Wealth: Lodestone incense powder is associated with financial prosperity and abundance. It can be used in money-drawing spells or rituals to attract wealth and success.

  • Protection: Some believe that lodestone incense powder can be used for protection against negative energies, harm, or ill wishes. It can create a magnetic shield of positive energy around the practitioner.

  • Attraction and Magnetism: Lodestone incense powder is believed to have a strong magnetic quality that can attract and draw things toward you. This is often used in spells and rituals to attract love, money, luck, or other desired outcomes.

  • Love and Relationships: Many people use lodestone incense powder in love spells and rituals to attract a specific person or to strengthen existing relationships. It is believed to enhance the magnetic attraction between individuals.

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