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Mistletoe Herb - 2 oz.

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  • Mistletoe Herb - 2 ounces

  • Botanical Name: Viscum album

  • Spiritual Benefits: Adding mistletoe leaves to prosperity mojos or charm bags increases their potency and money-drawing abilities. Use a green mojo bag, and add prosperity herbs like five finger grass, Irish moss, and all spice. You can also include coins, citrine or jade stones, anything you feel resonate with money-drawing energy. Either add the mistletoe leaves directly to the bag, or attach a sprig or piece of wood to the outside. Bless, charge, and feed your bag, and carry it on you.

  • Mistletoe to attract love: Hanging mistletoe in your home helps draw love and protect relationships. Combine mistletoe leaves with other love-drawing herbs, like elecampagne and vervain. As you combine them, say, "Herbs of love, bring me the perfect romance." Add them to a pink charm or mojo bag, grind to a powder, or keep on a dish on a love altar.

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