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Patchouli Root - 14 grams

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  • Patchouli Root , 14 grams for love, passion, prosperity.

  • Patchouli Root is often associated with spiritual and magical practices due to its earthy and grounding qualities.

  • Patchouli root for Love and Attraction: you can use patchouli root in love spells or rituals to enhance romantic relationships or draw love into your life.

  • Patchouli root for Prosperity: you can carry it in a mojo bag or place it on your altar to invite financial success.

  • Patchouli root for spiritual cleansing: you can sprinkle patchouli root powder around your home or on your body to remove negative energies and purify your space.

  • Patchouli for dream work: placing a small amount under your pillow or in a dream sachet can promote vivid and meaningful dreams.

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