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Patchouli Tibetan Rope Incense

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  • Patchouli Tibetan Rope Incense - 45 ropes - 3.5" length each.

  • A traditional form of incense in Tibet and Nepal, which is formed from incense powder blended and bound to rice paper which is then rolled and braided.

  • Patchouli is a scent long used to inspire attract and intensify love and lust.

  • Directions:

  • 1. Hold the end of the rope incense with your fingers and light it with a lighter or match.

  • 2. Gently blow on the lit end of the rope incense to help it get started burning.

  • 3. Place the lit end of the rope incense into a bowl of ash.

  • 4. Let the rope incense burn slowly. Enjoy your favorite tibetan rope incense!.

  • Our mission is to spread kindness, gratitude, and positivity from space to space.

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