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Plantain Dried Cut Leaves

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Plantain Leaf - 3 oz. Dried Cut Leaves

Botanical Name: Plantago Major

  • Plantain enhances any other herbs you might use in your working. If you want to add some extra energy and strength to whatever you’re making – incense, witch bottle, poppet, sachet, or charm, just add a pinch of Plantain to power it up.
  • Plantain is used in spells related to strength, healing and protection, and as a charm against snakebites.
  • Plantain is also used in charms and talismans to prevent nightmares and protect against evil spirits.

  • It is also hung up at the door, or placed on the bed, for protection. An infusion of the leaves is used to bathe the forehead and hands, nine times, to wash away hexes and curses.
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Product From Croatia, Packaged in the USA.

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