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Prosperity Bath Kit

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  • Our Prosperity Bath kit includes: 2 Palo Santo Sticks, 1 piece of High John Root, 2 Reiki charged candles, 1 candle holder, bath salt herbs.

  • Our Prosperity Bath Kit will help you attract money, success, luck, abundance, love and wealth for yourself or your business. This ritual kit includes everything for a powerful prosperity ritual to bring in those beautiful prosperous vibes! Allow your vibration to be open to receiving.

  • Instructions and blessing included. Prosperity Kit is good for 2 ritual baths.

  • 2 Palo Santo Sticks: Palo Santo is used to expel negative energies and attract positive energies.

  • 1 High John The Conqueror Root: Carry with you at all times to help remove and conquer all obstacles in your path.

  • 2 Green Reiki Charged Candles: Green candles are associated with money and abundance.

  • Bath Salt with Herbs: Our spiritual baths are a mixture of sea salts, essential oils and herbs infused with intention.

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