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White Sage Incense Powder

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  • White Sage incense powder - 50 grams.

  • White Sage Powdered Incense is made with a fragrant blend herbs, oils, and aromatic wood powders. It may assist you in spellwork, manifestation, and meditation. Use this blend when your intention is to cleanse and purify your space.

  • Powdered incense provides a way to add delightful fragrance and aroma to your environment without the use of added charcoals, glues, adhesives, or foreign materials. This allows the natural scent to shine through without the interference of other materials. Although it is possible to use this incense with a charcoal brick, it is not necessary. This incense will burn on its own in any fireproof container.

  • Suggested use as incense: Simply make a little "pyramid" in a heat safe dish and light the top. The powder will slowly burn and provide you with a grounding and calming Lavender aroma throughout your home.

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