Resurrection Plant Growth Spell

Resurrection Plant Growth Spell

You will need: . Dried Rose of Jericho. * Piece of paper and pen * Shallow, clear glass bowl * Rose Water *Moss Agate Crystal ... Instructions:

1. Gather your items in a room appropriate for your intentions, like the office for money or careers.

2. Write whatever it is you'd like to see grow on a small square piece of paper, and sign your name. Place the paper under the bowl with your words facing up.

3. Place a single Moss Agate crystal in your bowl.

4. Pour a shallow layer of water into the bowl and add a splash of rose water for blessings and positive energy. Then place the rose of Jericho in the bowl so the roots are just covered with water. Every day for seven days, switch out the water for new water and use the old water to feed your other plants or to make a wash or spray for your home or business. After the seventh day, let your rose of Jericho dry up and rest for three days. Repeat this spell as often as you need to. Click here to buy Rose of Jericho:,article,page,collection&q=jericho

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