Solo Therapy Full Moon On The Beach

🌊 The moon is closely tied to the element of water and the ocean tides 🌊 

On the night of the full moon 🌕 gather your travel altar, a bottle of water to drink, a mason jar, and a blanket to sit on 💧 Take your altar items and bottle of water and lay them out on the blanket before you, where they can soak up the moonlight. Look out over the water and breathe in time with the waves rolling in. Feel the moonlight surround your whole body and imagine breathing it into your lungs, belly, and heart 💙 Before you leave, fill your mason jar with that moon-charged natural water. 

If it's saltwater, pour it across the threshold of your home for cleansing. If it's freshwater, use it to water your plants and pass that lunar energy onto them. You can drink your bottle of moon water or add it to a magical bath when you get home 🏠

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